Playing Slots

How slot machines work

A slot machine consists of reels and the number of reels can vary from slot to slot. While reels on a slot is made up of symbols which, when spun, end up in random combinations. In order to win you need to get a set of matching symbols lining up in an activated payline.

To describe in three simple steps how you actually play on slots: You pick a machine, wager money, and spin the reels. However, you may interact with the game further by deciding how much you want to play for and on how many pay lines you wish to bet on. You may also affect the game experience by choosing a slot machine which triggers its bonus games more regularly. Other than that, the game is mostly about pulling the reel, pushing the button or touching the screen after you have done the above selections. The most common symbols on the reels are fruit symbols and playing card symbols. Many slots are themed however. For instance, if you play a Viking themed slot, the symbols may consist of Viking ships and runes.

There are also symbols which can award winnings without lining up in a certain order and which can trigger other features within the game. The most common of these are scatter symbols, bonus symbols and wild symbols:

The Scatter symbol can have various functions within different slot machines and they can be found on all types of slot machines. A Scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the reel and the number of scatter symbols required can vary from game to game. Normally a winning combination of scatter symbols reward you with free spins or they activate another bonus or feature. The Bonus symbols trigger the bonus games. The bonus rounds are popular amongst players since it gives the player an opportunity to win extra prizes. The Wild symbols can be compared to the Joker in a card game since wilds can substitute for other symbols and help make up winning combinations.

What many players like to know is how much you can win on the different slots, and it is the paytable which lists all the possible payouts within a game. All slots have a paytable and it is a good idea to give it a glance before you start playing. The paytables differ depending on how many reels the particular slot has. In that way you are informed about symbols such as scatters, wilds and bonus symbols. When you study the paytable you will recognize winning combinations and gain information about each winning’s payout.

You may also come across the term RTP which means Return to Player. RTP can also be called payout percentages and it shows how much players can expect to win back from their stake money. If a game has a 97.00% payout percentage it means that the slot machine return 97.00 in winnings for every wagered 100. The payout percentage however is a long term calculated figure and therefore individual playing sessions can vary greatly. Since slot machines are controlled via a random number generator, players can never know in advance how much they will win or lose.

Types of slot machines

There are several types of online slot machines and they can be divided into a handful of categories: Classic slots such as 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, 3D slots, Video slots, and Progressive slots. Moreover, there is a difference between low variance slot games and high variance slot games. The low variance slot games have a lower valued winning payout than the high variances slots. It depends on you as a player if you prefer to playing for low or high stakes.

The 3-reel slot machine is the most common mechanical slot machine and it has a simpler design and is known to be easier to understand for beginners. While players normally win on 5-reel slots more often, the 3-reel slots tend to generate bigger winnings. There are slot machines with up to as many as 12-reels. 3D Slots refer to the style and graphics of the slot and it is more in-depth and detailed than let say a video slot. While progressive slots have their name because it is possible to win progressive jackpots. Progressive slot games can be anything from classic 3-reel slot machines as well as 5-reel video slots.

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